About the Plant Place

Our staff

We have very friendly staff who have established a good rapport with all of our customers, and give the advice on all plants and products. We have a great range of quality products and these are the best value for money.

Our Quality

The products that we sell are aimed at all types of gardeners and we offer unusual products for those people who would like something different in their garden. We grow the majority of our plants from seed and take pride in the producing these for our customers.

Our Customers

Our customers may come from all walks of life, and may or may not be gardeners and therefore we always offer advice on our plants and products. We also value any feedback that we receive back from our customers whether this is good or bad.

We have provided many hanging baskets to hotels, pubs and restaurants in the area, and the feedback that we have received has made us proud.

Why not call in to see us today. We always have special offers on products and plants and we would love to see you.

Environmental Statement

At The Plant Place we understand that we have a corporate social responsibility to minimise the impact our business has on the environment. The Plant Place grows the mjority of our plants from seed on our premises in Ormskirk. We have a 'Grey Water' collection system for watering our plants throughout the entire year. We strive to to minimise waste generated by our business by recyling and reusing materials.